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I love my hearing aids! I’ve been hearing sounds that slowly went away as I lost my hearing. I forgot about sounds I used to hear but didn’t anymore. I forgot that a lot of things even make sound. I was living in a quiet world and didn’t realize it. When you hear sounds you weren’t hearing it wakes you up… I hear the birds, the wind, the turn signal. I have found that I don’t have the TV as loud and now it seems like my husband doesn’t hear as well as I do. Now I hear what everyone is saying and I don’t miss a thing! I can’t wait to hear the crickets in the summer and all of the summer sounds.

Age doesn’t matter… I’m young. People lose hearing for many reasons and they don’t know they’re losing it until it’s gone sometimes. Hearing loss has no age limit! I thought I was too young to need a hearing aid… but when you can’t hear you can’t hear! I’m so glad I pursued this even at my age.

People can’t tell I’m wearing hearing aids at all! I don’t even know I have them on, they are so comfortable. My glasses don’t interfere. I love the way these fit me and how they feel.

I believe I lost hearing from noise as I enjoyed riding my motorcycle and back then I didn’t have good hearing protection. Now I do. I still love to ride, but I don’t use my hearing aids on the cycle.

I would tell anyone who needs hearing help to go to Dr. Rizzo and Dr. Kessler for help. This is a thousand times better than going to a non-specialist. The testing and the consultations were thorough and my husband was included in the discussion so he understood what I needed. This was so different from the other place I went before where I was rushed through the testing. The results were not explained to me. My husband wasn’t even asked to be part of anything. After talking with the providers here I felt confident, comfortable and informed – I knew what I needed to do and knew it could work — and my husband finally understood what my hearing problems were so he became much more supportive.

I am so excited and elated that I can hear and hear well! I can hear my four-year-old granddaughter on Skype – she has a tiny, high-pitched voice and I can really hear her now with my hearing aids!
B.K. / Lancaster
Years ago I saw Dr. Rizzo for a hearing problem. I got hearing aids then and they were helpful. After a while my husband became ill and I was his full-time caregiver. I just didn’t want to be bothered with a lot of extra things when my focus was on him, and using hearing aids wasn’t a priority. Years went by and my hearing gradually worsened. I realized it was a problem and finally, after my 95th birthday, I came back for care again. My family encouraged me.

I had a hearing test with Dr. Kessler and I saw Dr. Rizzo. They explained how much hearing loss I had and that it was in both ears. I hadn’t realized how much worse my hearing was and I hadn’t realized one ear was a lot worse than it used to be. I got two hearing aids and it was an easy process. It was simpler than I thought.

After that, I worked on learning to taking care of them. I learned how to put them in, take them out, adjust the sound, clean them. My family could help me but I like to do it myself. My daughter said my family is proud of me for how well I’ve mastered everything and how I take care of everything myself.

Now I can hear people I eat with at the dining table in the fairly noisy dining room where I live. I can interact easily with my family, with friends.

Everyone has said they are pleased. My daughter calls me to check if I need any help with my aids and I tell her, “no, they’re in. I have no problems.” I used to say “what did you say?” very frequently. That doesn’t happen anymore. I like my hearing aids. I would do this all over again! I probably shouldn’t have let things go years ago because hearing is important. I wish I’d come back for help sooner so I could have enjoyed hearing so well sooner. I also think the hearing aid technology has improved considerably. I think Dr. Kessler and Dr. Rizzo have been great about taking care of me. I couldn’t ask for any better care.
S.B. / Lancaster
I felt that I had to do something to help my tinnitus. It sounded like a loud tone in my right ear. I came to see Dr. Rizzo to see if there was anything medically wrong or if anything that could be done. I got checked out thoroughly. The MRI showed no tumor or problem in my ear. The recommendation was a hearing aid to help the ear that had the ringing. I was told that it might relieve the tinnitus and that it was probably the most effective thing treatment.

Everyone is different, I’m sure, but I got enough help from this to make the tinnitus tolerable. Without the aid that high tone comes back. With the aid, it is much less. It’s softer and I can ignore it so it seems like it goes away. I wear the aid as much as I can because it does really help. It helps my hearing, too, and that’s an extra plus, but the biggest benefit is that it cuts the ringing down.

It helps the people around me because they don’t have to repeat themselves and I can watch TV at a lower volume. For me, the ringing had gotten louder and it was pretty much intolerable. My hearing aid has made a huge improvement and I did the right thing to take care of this problem. My life is easier now. The hearing aid definitely does what it is supposed to do.
M.H. / Lancaster
Two years ago I got a new set of hearing aids from the V.A. which were my second pair. I served in the military during the Cold War period and I qualified for aids at no charge. I have been a patient of Dr. Rizzo’s for 23 years. I find it is convenient and closer to get care here locally for my aids (rather than driving to the V.A.) and I think it’s more personalized care. I pay for visits but I get personalized care and better results.

Over the past year I have had Dr. Rizzo’s Audiologist, Dr. Kessler, work with my hearing aids to improve the settings. I felt I could be hearing better and it turned out I was right. We tested my hearing again, did some repairing and readjusting the aids through the computer.My wife has said that she thinks I am hearing better – there is less need to repeat what she says because I more often hear it right the first time.

I think people should know that hearing aids bring improvement. They can’t make hearing like it was 50 years ago, though. They are an “aid” to hearing. The sound can be adjusted to the needs of the person who wears them; it can be improved and adjusted over time as things change. If anyone has aids and they are not happy with them or the aids aren’t working right, I would say it doesn’t have to be that way. They should take them to where they got them or to a private audiologist like the one here to get the problems worked out. Aids can work well and be satisfying but you have to work on it. I sent a colleague here and he was fit with new aids and he is happy, too.

To anyone who has hearing loss and doesn’t have aids yet, I’d say that you are missing half of life and don’t know it yet. I’d say to be proactive. These problems don’t improve on their own but hearing can be helped. Don’t suffer in silence. Get hearing aids because they do work!
B.H. / Lancaster

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